Singly Ply Roof Test

We lead the way for independent and accredited roof membrane testing in the UK.

Surveyroof is a third party and approved singly ply roof testing service with 15 years of established experience in the UK. We use leading testing methods and expert roof membrane surveyors to ensure our roof conditioning survey are non-destructive, rapidly processed and always accurate.

As independent and experienced single ply roofing surveyors, we care about that delivering completely unbiased and quality membrane testing which provide industry leading roof survey results.

We are UK singly ply roof test experts in electronic leak detection and integrity testing for new and existing flat roofs, single ply and structural waterproofing membranes. We ensure that our electronic leak detection methods and thermal imaging surveys provide efficient, accurate and cost-effective testing.

Dry Single Ply Roof Test

We provide both dry and wet roofing tests for businesses and homes across the UK. As expert single ply roof test surveyors, we recommend using Holiday Detection (or dry) tests for flat roof electronic leaks on any flat or low-pitched roof.

Our accredited and unbiased dry testing methods immediately detect breaches with an audible tone and visual spark by using phosphor-bronze brush and a stabilised D.C output voltage across nonconductive waterproofing membrane.

We use our established industry experience to deliver dry single ply membrane testing methods that quickly and accurately source any breaches in exposed roof membrane systems or imperfections, such as pinholes and punctures. 

Looking for an independent and accredited single ply roof surveyor?  Talk to one of our dedicated roof surveyors for a tailored consultation and cost-effective quote.

Wet Single Ply Roof Test

We recommend the wet roofing method (or earth detection survey) for flat roof electronic leaks on any flat or low-pitched roof to quickly source pinholes, punctures or imperfections in exposed membrane or ballasted roofing systems. The Earth leakage test is a compliant roof surveying method for wet roof conditions or with a hosed down wetted test area.

Our singly ply roof test experts use a pulse generator which emits and conducts 40V pulses onto the roof structure via a wire ring circuit. The wet roofing survey accurately guides the electrical pulse across moisture to source of the leak which then flows in all directions over the damp and non-conducting roof membrane to reach the ring circuit.

Our wet single ply roof test rapidly detects the current’s direction of flow which is then traced back to the source of the leak and where moisture penetrates the roof membrane.


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